Bichectomy is a procedure that consists in the resection of excess Bichat fat balls. These fatty masses are located in the middle sector of the cheeks and can cause the face to have a more rounded appearance. Their removal results in a slimmer looking face with more defined cheek bones.

Surgery Duration

The surgical procedure takes place over an average period of 60 minutes. If necessary, this period may be extended. However, the surgical procedure time should not be confused with the amount of time the patient will be in the operating room. That amount of time will also include the administering of anesthesia and postoperative recovery.


Anesthesia may be with sedation in combination with local anesthesia in the area being treated.

Hospitalization Period

Under normal circumstances, the hospitalization period is approximately a few hours, up to 1 day.

Postoperative Care

Buccal fat removal causes some swelling, which typically subsides within 2-3 weeks. Sleep on your backside (face up) with your head slightly elevated for one week following surgery. Avoid strenuous activities and exercise for 2 weeks following surgery.