Plastic Surgery Simulation:
Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift with implants or Breast Reduction

Unsure about the size of implants you want to get? Want a natural result? Wondering how you will look after surgery?

One of the key elements in ensuring patient satisfaction after breast augmentation is meeting the patient’s expectation for the postoperative size and shape of the breast. Failure to provide the desired breast size and shape can lead to significant patient dissatisfaction, a strained doctor-patient relationship, and additional costs associated with revisionary surgery.

The goal of a breast enhancement procedure is to improve the appearance of the patient. The most pressing question that all patients have in common is how they will look like after the operation. The may ask: “what is the difference between this size and that size of implant?” or “should I need a C cup or a D cup” or even sometimes patients referred from a friend who want to have the same result with the implant their friend had. Such information allows the surgeon to proceed with confidence, and can provide that last bit of needed reassurance to allow a patient to choose to undergo the procedure.täällä mittausta varten kotona