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This surgery is indicated in patients with sagging abdominal skin either by pregnancy or thinning. The skin is removed from the lower area to the navel, and are reinforced from the abdominal muscles and the remaining skin is redistributed. The scars are located in the pubic and pelvic region trying to keep it inside the mark of your bathing suit, but this is not always possible. It can be done under general or epidural anaesthesia. It is imperative to follow the recommendations of your doctor and maintain a good rest during the post-operative period.


Anaesthesia may be general or epidural. However, some surgeons even use local anaesthesia under sedation, in special cases.

Surgery Time

The time of the surgical act occurs in an average of 90 to 180 minutes. If necessary this period may be extended. However, the time of surgical procedure should not be confused with the patient’s time of permanence in the atmosphere of the Operating Room. This permanence also includes the period of anaesthetic preparation and postoperative recovery.

Postoperative Care

Time of hospitalization: Considering the normal evolution, the hospitalization time varies from 1 to 2 days.